August 28th, 2014
Hello All  !!!!!
    My name is Barrels Da Clown , as of some time this summer I become your new (G.L.S.C.U.A) Sgt.At Arms.  If any one cares I would like to take the time tell you all about me, I am a blue collar union worker that came form and respects the non union side, I am about 50k year worker,that came from 10k a year Mom ,loss my Dad July 1977 I was 9 years old.Spent 1974 to 1984 on the inter city street of Cincinnati Ohio, A poor kid with a hard life. side note from 1990 to 1995 I was a street cop. In 1979 I started working for Stagecraft,inc as a jack of all trades. One of my jobs was a entertainer , at that time I learned that God had giving me some thing very wonderful ( writing and spelling was not it ! lol) the ability to make people happy lough and Smile. I also coach youth sports mainly wrestling for 27 years now. People say I am a good clown, they say I am a good coach. what makes a good clown ? What makes a good Coach ? Whats does my Make up look like ? Its is so so to poor, My little kids don't start off winning ,I tell then to have fun, "but I lost Coach" Then I say you most learn how to loss before you can be a winner. ( to date I have part in sending at least 10 young people to State to con peat. I did learn RESPECT along time ago I teach RESPECT, When I clown I clown with respect.I have Friends that have very little,and I have Friends that have it all. I treat them ALL with Respect ! So at this point if you are still reading , the question is what are you getting at Barrels ? Like my Union our Union is dieing. Yes you my wife and kids would say Barrels/ Rob/Dad, you are all over the place, sorry, But the way did I tell you all that I am and have been the Cincinnati Syrain Shriner Clown unit Director for the past 7 or 8 years. I will not win alot of clown competition ,but I mite learn something or may teach something. Thats why I am here, in GLSCUA. to get help & be helpful make clowns gooder! To grow our Clown Union, To have Respect to have alot fun.


 You can laugh at me , or you can laugh with me, just as long you are laughing .

 Barrels  Da Clown